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7 October 2020 Posted by mike Finance News
Project Owner a Breed of One of a Kind


We believe that project owners have a great vision. They innovate what they want to create however, finance of smarter construction is the key area where they feel quite challenged. ISEETRUST-ISEETRADE truly understands this aspect and makes sure that the challenges they face are quickly facilitated so that they keep moving with their exceptional ideas.

Joining us permits the project owners to get funds for setting up a project according to their feasibility along with a plan that their revenues will surpass the expenses of operation, construction, and others. We come of great help in financing industrial projects having a long-term infrastructure plan.

Our member should never compromise their budget during the course of infrastructure projects. We as a separate entity recognize the needs of projects which is planned by the project owner and hence; we stay keen on adapting and financing the project to improve the infrastructure planned in various countries.

When analyzing the whole notion, we keep in mind the hard costs ( for material and labor), land costs ( acquiring of property), costs that the majority of the companies might overlook that include engineering, taxes, insurance, Interest on construction payments, Construction bonding and testing as well as Architectural design.

Financing and Consultation

ISEETRUST-ISEETRADE provides great infrastructure knowledge serving as useful advisors. Project owners mostly consider two phases those are construction and then its operation that have various risks and different patterns of cash flow. There are environmental and technological risks and market risks like fluctuations of outputs and inputs during the construction of the planned infrastructure. The initial construction phase is where most of the capital spending is concentrated to increase the revenues as soon as the project starts.

Our analysts and consultants keeping such risks in mind give the best advice of issues that might be a blocking path for a party and they might have missed it out. We believe in joint efforts for the success of your project to eliminate conflicts of interest, less co-ordination, and misunderstanding that can also prove to be costly. Once funding for your project is completed, our role doesn’t end here in fact; we further assist you in allocating the cash flows that are generated by the infrastructure project where there are potential profits with efficient investments.



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