Funding Offer Details

Funding Offer Details

We would like to inform you that We are specialized in assisting companies, project developers, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals who are looking to liquidate assets, who are looking for investment opportunities that provide higher returns for your assets.

We provide the highest quality of structured asset funding of Private Programs. We can perform Private Programs with: Cash, CD’s, SBLC’s, BG’s and MTN’s. And We can Monetize or lend on just about any bank instrument to be used for project funding for our clients, We can Monetize with: CD’s, SBLC’s, BG’s and MTN’s.

We provide the highest quality of structured asset funding programs, with the highest quality investment, with the practical solution to individuals, corporations, foundations, trustees, and endowments on a global basis. We assist with every aspect of institutional investing from strategy, structure and implementation through to ongoing portfolio management.

When required we can also customize and structure our products, create and implement investment opportunities to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We provide the advantage of dealing with a company that is known and respected for integrity and efficiency in successfully negotiating investments, under the most favorable, terms with no risks and high profits to satisfy our customers.

Clients come to us for many reasons but, all want to make the most of their finances and recognize that it’s time for professional asset management services.

With our client’s individual needs our top priority is developing a client-focused approach, to protecting your wealth and growing your assets, because We work with the client to develop a plan based on your needs, objectives and circumstances.

Our client focused approach allows us to fully understand the client’s needs and to match them with a program to reach the desired goal and fulfill their funding needs, because our clients have access to a range of traditional and alternative product offerings that would not normally be available to the average investor.

During the Private Program activity, the investor’s capital always stays in their own bank account at all times. The investor’s funds are never traded, never accessed, never touched in any way. Thus, there is zero risk to the investor’s bank account capital. The investor funds remain under your control guaranteed and safe guarded during the contract period.

In general, these programs (Private Investment Programs – and Buy & Sell Trading Programs) get a very high profit compared to the common benefit available to traditional investments. The Platform can make four/five purchase and sale transactions per day for 4 days a week for 40 banking weeks. The Platform can get a much larger margin for each transaction, with a higher number of transactions for every day, that will improve the final performance.

Contracts are provided to customers with the capacity real of making a private placement, the clients have the possibility of signing the contract within the bank.

All profits are paid out on a weekly basis, and the profits structure is clearly spelled out in full detail in the program agreement.

Although not necessary, the client has the option to re-invest a portion of profits. This option can greatly increase profits. Also, we can assist with opening new profit receiving account(s), and additional corporate services are available to the client.


We hope our overview gives you an idea of the operational aspects, handled. Feel free to contact us to discuss further details, and to explain your funding needs, so we can inform you of a specific procedure for your operation.